Atmospère 0.8.9 by SciresM

Atmospère 0.8.9 by SciresM 0.8.9

0.8.9 is Atmosphère's sixteenth official release.

fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.8.9.

With thanks to the @switchbrew team, Atmosphère 0.8.9 is bundled with hbl 2.1, and hbmenu 3.0.1.

The following was changed since the last release:

  • A number of bugs were fixed, including:
    • A data abort was fixed when mounting certain partitions on NAND.
    • All Stratosphère system modules now only maintain a connection to smwhen actively using it.
      • This helps mitigate the scenario where sm hits the limit of 64 active connections and crashes.
      • This sometimes caused crashes when custom non-Atmosphère sysmodules were active and the user played certain games (ex: Smash's Stage Builder).
    • fatal now uses the 8.0.0+ clkrst API, instead of silently failing to adjust clock rates on that firmware version.
    • A wait loop is now performed when trying to get a session to sm, in the case where sm: is not yet registered.
      • This fixes a race condition that could cause a failure to boot under certain circumstances.
    • libstratosphere's handling of domain object closing has been improved.
      • Previously, this code could cause crashes/extremely odd behavior (misinterpreting what object a service is) under certain circumstances.
  • An optional automatic reboot timer was added to fatal.
    • By setting the system setting atmosphere!fatal_auto_reboot_interval to a non-zero u64 value, fatal can be made to automatically reboot after a certain number of milliseconds.
    • If the setting is zero or not present, fatal will wait for user input as usual.
  • Atmosphère now provides a reimplementation of the ro system module.
    • ro is responsible for loading dynamic libraries (NROs) on 3.0.0+.
      • On 1.0.0-2.3.0, this is handled by loader.
    • Atmosphere's ro provides this functionality (ldr:ro, ro:dmnt) on all firmware versions.
    • An extension was implemented to provide support for applying IPS patches to NROs.
      • All patches at paths like /atmosphere/nro_patches/<user-defined patch name>/<Hex Build-ID for NRO to patch>.ips will be applied, allowing for easy distribution of patches.
      • Both the IPS and IPS32 formats are supported.
  • Atmosphère now provides a reimplementation of the spl system module.
    • spl (Secure Platform Services) is responsible for cryptographic operations, including all communications with the secure monitor (exosphère).
    • In the future, this may be used to provide extensions to the API for interacting with exosphère from userland.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.
For information on the featureset supported by 0.8.0, please see the official release notes.
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